When does an auction end?

An auction ends once the countdown reaches 00:00:00 and no new bids are placed.

What is an Auction end price?

The auction end price is the final Tag Price of the item won at the end of the countdown. Only the winner of the auction can buy the item at that price.

What is the Retail Price of a product on auction?

It is a recommended retail price of the product. The auction page will also list the savings you make by bidding and not directly buying it from a retail store.

Time keeps being added to my auction?

Near the end of the auction, when a bid is placed the timer on the clock is reset to 10 seconds so other bidders have a chance to win. If no one else bids, and the timer reaches zero, congratulations, you’ve won!

Why does the clock hit zero at times and yet I don’t win?

All bids are governed by our BidHere servers. When a bid is placed, it has to be passed from your computer to our servers to register. If there is any lag (delay) in your internet connection there is a possibility that the timer can run out before your bid is registered.

To help minimize the potential for any lag on your bids being placed, please close down any other programs/windows that are running and anything that may be using your bandwidth such as:

• Downloading large audio/video files from the internet.
• Sending large emails and attachments
• Other members in your household using the internet

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